Fully Customized – Automatically Graded

From fundamentals and ear training to counterpoint, harmony, and even post-tonal techniques, Artusi's fully web-based placement exams can be used on any device for unparalleled flexibility.

Artusi's staff of trained music theorists will work closely with you to build a custom exam that upholds a high standard of musicianship.


  • Embed audio recordings & scores
  • Include any type of question: aural, written, multiple choice, or essay
  • Supports fundamentals through advanced theory


  • Use on any device

Automatically graded

  • See results immediately in Artusi's LMS

As educators, we know remote evaluation has become vital - and we’re honored to help with the only fully web-based solution. Contact us at support@artusi.xyz for details.

All best from the Artusi Team,

– Jessamyn, Logan, Joseph, Ryaan, Michael, Darren, Joel, and Julia