Free Artusi Access to Covid-19 affected institutions

Artusi is a set of automatically grading, online interactive workbooks for music theory and aural skills.

Instructors can contact us at to access an account or sign up directly and request instructor access when prompted. Your students can use Artusi for free through the end of June.

If you are exploring resources on behalf of a department, please distribute this page to your colleagues.

Please note that Artusi is not available to students under 13 years of age, as we do not yet comply with the necessary, stringent data measures required by law to handle the data of children.

We recognize that these are challenging times and that many of you are moving to online teaching on short notice. We hope to help in some small way as you stay safe and navigate this unexpected development, and are working diligently and urgently to provide whatever resources and aid we can.

All best from the Artusi Team,

– Jessamyn, Logan, Joseph, Ryaan, Michael, Darren, Joel, and Julia


What is Artusi

Artusi provides automatically graded worksheets for topics from music fundamentals, counterpoint, aural skills, and harmony, all the way to post-tonal exercises. Instructors using Artusi can create courses that use our existing materials or customize their own, and consult student grades and progress online. Enrolled students can use Artusi for infinite practice and/or to complete graded assessments.

Artusi does not currently include much instructional material—we replace a workbook, not a textbook. Instructors can, however, add their own lesson material or embed videos or images in order to create a full coursepack.

My whole department would like to use Artusi - can I get a site license?

Any of your instructors can contact us and we’ll provide free access, or if it’s easier, a single administrator can contact us with the names, email addresses, and course titles and topics for each instructor. Feel free to distribute a link to this page to your department mailing list to speed things up.

Do you cover ear training?

Yes! Artusi has an included Aural Skills workbook, which covers intervals, chords, rhythms, scales, and more. If you need advanced ear training material, please take a look at our system product MacGAMUT, which we will be incorporating into Artusi by Fall 2020. (Downloadable MacGAMUT software is not covered by this free offer).

I'm home schooling my kids during the Covid crisis. Can I get a free access?

Good news! Artusi is always free for individual learners. No need to email us—just sign up for an account for yourself (or your children if they are 13 or older) and use the "Join a Course" to choose from an Artusi workbook at an appropriate level. (Fundamentals of Music is a good starting point).